Work at NTK

Work at NTK

NTK Academic Group has three major divisions: NTK Learning Center, NTK Publishing, and NTK Educational Consulting. NTK’s mission has always been to provide the best private education possible for our students. Our aim is to nurture and guide students so that they can acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the competitive world of academia.

NTK currently has over 95 full-time teachers in our major academic departments:

  • English, Humanities, and Modern Languages
  • Mathematics and Science
  • Chinese

Located in one of Asia’s most diverse and cosmopolitan cities, NTK offers a work environment that is vibrant and culturally rich. Our staff comes from all parts of the globe, including the US, UK, Europe, and China. Our teachers are experienced educators from leading academic institutions. Many have over 10 years of experience and hail from top universities around the world, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and others. All of our teachers are highly qualified. Many have pursued further education, ranging from postgraduate diplomas, certificates, and Master’s to doctoral degrees.

We offer exclusive career advancement opportunities to high caliber individuals. If you aspire to broaden your personal and professional development, we invite you to join us and discover an unparalleled working opportunity for future success at NTK.

Recruitment Process


Vacancies are available throughout the year and are advertised in various media. The selection process takes approximately two to four weeks.

NTK wishes to thank in advance all applicants. However, only the most qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. Candidates who are not contacted within 14 days of submitting their information should consider their applications unsuccessful on this occasion.

If you have any enquiries, please e-mail


NTK is currently looking for ambitious, passionate and career-oriented professionals to fill the following vacancies:

Full-time Teachers Customer Service Officer
Administration Officer Educational Assistant

To apply for any of these positions, please send your application letter enclosing a detailed CV to . We offer an attractive and comprehensive remuneration package for individuals who share our commitment to excellence in education, and are passionate about collaborating with colleagues and students from a multi-cultural background.

NTK is committed to equality of opportunity in all aspects of its employment practices. As an equal opportunity employer, we ensure that no job applicant or employee is subjected to unjustified discrimination because of his or her gender, age, marital and family status, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability, or anything which contravenes the codes of practice identified by the Equal Opportunities Commission

Professional Training

Work at NTK

NTK has a dynamic workforce – we value experience just as much as we value fresh graduates who are enthusiastic, committed, and willing to take on challenges. To uphold the outstanding quality of our team, we invest time and resources in training our staff in professional development.

Regular training is provided for teaching staff to enhance their knowledge and skills in lesson planning, classroom management, and teaching pedagogy. Training by teaching professionals, academic workshops, and assessment opportunities will be provided. The faculty will continuously explore and enhance teaching methods that are reflective of international best-practice.

As part of an international team, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable exposure in an intellectually stimulating environment that allows individuals to develop to their full potential.

Employment Experience

I joined NTK as a teacher in 1998, when the company was still a very small outfit. Over the years, I have witnessed NTK grow, from very modest beginnings in the late nineties to the major operation it is now. NTK now has more than ten times the number of teachers than when I joined and training is much more systematized.

At NTK, you are expected to work to a high standard but within that you are allowed a lot of freedom to develop your own style. My colleagues are excellent and it is humbling that I, a non-native Hong Konger, have never met with the slightest negativity.

What I enjoy about working at NTK is the working hours: working in the afternoon through to the evening means I miss the rush hour (perhaps crush hour is more appropriate!) and I can get up a bit later in the mornings. More seriously, I like the teaching. I get to teach an enormous variety of mathematics: US system, UK system, local HK system, and others. Teaching individuals and small classes enables me to build-up a rapport with students that would be difficult, or impossible, to do with typical school class sizes.

At NTK, we have many top caliber students and both they and their parents have high expectations of our services. You must know your specialist subject well and want to share your knowledge with others. Allied to this, we have on-going quality control systems to ensure the best teaching practices so you must be the kind of person who wants honest and considered feedback on your teaching as part of your professional development. The experience that long-term teachers and heads of departments have obtained has been distilled and is being used to make the teacher training journey a much more focused one.

Mr. Ollerearnshaw
Director of Math and Science

Relocating to Hong Kong

Moving to a new place, especially one as vibrant and diverse as Hong Kong can initially seem like quite a daunting prospect. To make your transition as smooth as possible, our experienced HR staff are always on hand to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your new life in Hong Kong.