US Curricula Summer Courses

At NTK, we offer rigorous Summer Courses for those studying the US curricula as well as those who are preparing for the PSAT/SAT®/ACT®/AP® tests.

AP®/US High School Courses

These courses enable students taking US high school courses or the AP® exam to consolidate fundamental topics and build knowledge on top of a strong existing foundation. Our AP® courses are College Board-authorized, providing students with the most accurate information and training for the real AP® exam. Students will be able to develop specific techniques for each section and hone their skills for good time management to perform their best in the real exams.

SAT®/ACT® Test Prep

For students looking to apply to US universities, the SAT®/ACT® tests can seem daunting. Our SAT®/ACT® Test Prep courses will help students understand the exam format and give guidance on choosing the right test. These Summer Courses ease students into the unique format of the SAT® and ACT® tests. Students will be equipped with techniques such as skimming and scanning, identifying key words, interpreting questions, and spotting incorrect answers through elimination. With our in-house designed SAT®/ACT® practice papers, students will be able to apply these techniques under simulated exam conditions.

PSAT Test Prep

The PSAT is the preliminary version of the SAT®, which gives students the chance to qualify for scholarships for their university level studies. This course will allow students to build on their skills for the reading, writing and math sections. They will be equipped with the relevant skills to triage the test and learn to allocate their time accordingly in real exams.


Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Know how to skim and scan, identify key words, interpret questions and  
    spot incorrect answers 

  • Understand the exam format and be given guidance on choosing the  
    right test (ACT®/SAT®)

  • Apply knowledge to questions through practice exercise


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A Highly-qualified US Team

Our US team consists of graduates from Ivy League universities and other highly-acclaimed universities in the US, such as Yale, Brown, John Hopkins, George Washington and UCLA, are experts in this field. Their first-hand experience with the curriculum and a proven track record in top-notch teaching will allow students to develop the skills required for success in the US curriculum.



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