US Summer Preparation Courses

US Test Prep, Section Focused & Drilling Courses (SAT® / ACT® / SSAT)

Students will learn the basics of US test prep and the skills needed to succeed in them. 

In our Section Focused courses, students can learn the techniques of different sections of the test. After students have developed the techniques, they can join our Drilling courses to learn specific exam skills to improve their score.

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the differences between the two tests and which test is more suitable to their needs

  • Get an overview on the exam formats of both the SAT® and ACT®, time breakdown and question types

  • Learn test-taking strategies to maximize score

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SAT Subject Test Bridging & Drilling Courses

These courses are for students who are studying in non-US streams (e.g. IB, GCE AL). Our SAT Subject Test Bridging & Drilling courses aim to fill the knowledge gap between students from other curricula who are planning to enter upper year of high school or university in the US. 

Key Learning Outcomes 

  • Get a structural and thorough analysis of the question types and test-taking techniques 

  • Apply test-taking strategies and time management skills

  • Increase confidence and efficiency in tackling exam questions 

US High School Courses & AP® 

Courses are designed for students to get prepared for their challenging high school studies. The courses will cover fundamental topics and enable students to consolidate the concepts they have already learned and add more building blocks of knowledge
on top of their foundation.

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