Summer Gear Up Courses

Summer Gear Up Courses

SAT and ACT courses

AP, toefl and college essay 

SSAT and US high school courses 

IBdp & ibmyp 


GCE courses

ielts, personal statement and UK entrance test prep 

Core - English, Maths, Chinese, Latin, Spanish and French


  • An unparalleled range of courses covering the IB, SAT Reasoning TestTM, SAT Subject TestsTM, AP®, ACT®, SSAT, TOEFL, BMAT, I/GCSE, GCE AL, IELTS, CEE and international school syllabuses. 
  • A wide range of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Economics, History, Business and Modern Languages.
  • AP® courses authorized by College BoardTM.
  • Official ACT® test center, AP® exam center and Edexcel Academic Partner Center.

CWB Campus Summer Courses

KLN Campus Summer Courses 

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