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  • Teachers hailing from prestigious international universities are committed to quality education and supporting pupils every step of the way

  • Personalized course materials and lessons plans to tackle specific set of obstacles in your academic journey

  • Unparalleled range of preparatory courses: the IB, SAT Reasoning TestTM, AP®, ACT®, SSAT, TOEFL, BMAT, I/GCSE, GCE AL, IELTS, CEE, and international school syllabi

  • Equally extensive in the range of subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese, Economics, History, Business and Modern Languages

  • AP® courses authorized by College BoardTM

  • Official ACT® test center, AP® exam center and Edexcel Academic Partner Center




School-based courses

Over 80% of NTK’s students are receiving international day-school education, or studying with us overseas. This is testimony to the fact that regardless of the mode of education you are receiving—local or abroad—NTK’s international curriculum is the one-stop solution you are looking for!

Available schools: HKIS, AIS, CIS, ISF Academy, Harrow, Kellett School, GSIS, RCHK, and others...


What makes our school-based courses special? 

  • Progression of coursework carefully modelled after your school’s syllabi (to clarify concepts right when you feel like you’re about to fall off track!)

  • An all-you-can-eat approach to drilling exercises, preparing you for your school exams (to save your midnight oil!)

  • Develop skills specific to your school’s standards (get good grades from every teacher and in every subject!)



Students at NTK are why any of us are here: to construct for you a nurturing, fun and safe learning environment. As such, to safeguard your health and safety, comprehensive preventative measures are in place:

✅ More than 200 partitions in all of our classrooms
✅ Body temperature measuring and hand sanitizing are compulsory for all students and staff upon entering the campus
✅ Masks on at all times on campus
✅ Surgical masks available to those who do not have one, or if theirs is ineffective or soiled

✅ Online lessons for students who travelled outside of Hong Kong within 14 days prior to class, and for those who cannot be physically present, due to any reason at all, during the suspension period
✅ All of our classrooms sanitized daily with 1:3 diluted household bleach.
✅ Door handles and lift buttons disinfected every 2 hours

Let’s stay vigilant against the virus, and work hard together towards your academic success!


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