With online studying, you can learn effectively even if you are staying at home or studying overseas. NTK’s online lessons allow you to connect with an experienced teacher for private lessons and small group tuition to help you master drilling tactics or provide regular training. You can now stay home and thrive in exams!​

 Why Choose NTK’s online lessons:

  • Learn like you’re in a face-to-face class

  • Interactive learning with classmates and teacher

  • Flexible learning schedule

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Top Scorers

  • 2019 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 16
    From Other Schools 18
  • 2018 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 13
    From Other Schools 29
  • 2017 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 8
    From Other Schools 15
  • 2016 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 5
    From Other Schools 13