2021 Summer Course

Our Summer Course are suitable for students of a wide range of grades and levels. Courses aim to help students preview the topics that they will be learning at school in the upcoming academic year. Students also have the choice of revising topics learnt at school. Students will improve fundamental skills to help them build confidence and succeed in school.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Review and consolidate fundamental topics learn at school

  • Preview topics for the upcoming year and grasp important concepts

  • Understand the curriculum changes and adapt accordingly

  1. Be equipped with techniques to fulfil the assessment criteria, e.g. IOA, Exam papers


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IB Summer Preparation

Designed for students entering into their 1st or 2nd year of IBDP studies, this course is perfect for those who are feeling apprehensive about the many changes made to the IB syllabus over the past few years. Our teachers will help students get a better understanding of the curriculum changes so that they are fully equipped with the skill sets that they might have missed out on during the school suspension in the last academic year.

UK Curricula

For students taking I/GCSE, GCE AL or IAL syllabi, this course is designed to help them catch up with their learning progress and be better prepared for the coming school term. The repeated cancellation of exams over the last 2 years also means that more emphasis is now placed on coursework and internal assessments. Our teachers will help students seamlessly adapt to these changes to achieve the best marks.

US Curricula

Our US Curricula courses enable students taking US high school courses or the AP exam to consolidate fundamental topics and build knowledge on top of an existing strong foundation. With the cancellation of the SAT II’s, students’ high school and AP scores become the only demonstration of their academic abilities in their required subjects. NTK’s teachers will help students stay on top of their AP and school exams, building the desired academic profile for their college applications.

US Test Preparation

The SAT, ACT and SSAT tests can seem like a huge undertaking for those just starting out. The cancellations of certain tests also means that students should take them as soon as possible. To keep up with the pace, NTK’s US Test Prep course will equip students with the basics of test preparation and the skills needed to succeed in them. The course also provides section focused courses so that students can learn techniques specific to each section of the test. They will be able to maximise time, skim and scan, identify key words, interpret questions and identify incorrect answers.

Junior Academy/IBMYP

With public exams just around the corner, our Junior Academy courses help students get off to a strong start in terms of revision. Enrolling in this course helps students prepare for these exams earlier, rather than later. The benefits of this are undeniable — students will be able to build confidence in their abilities to take on these exams. At the end of the course, they will have a solid foundation which will enable them to branch off to various future study paths.


Why Choose NTK

  • IB courses designed by qualified IB examiners

  • US Test Prep taught by specialists from Ivy League universities, including Yale and Brown

  • GCE A Level and IGCSE courses designed by Oxbridge graduates


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