Fun Core Courses

Between 29 March and 7 April 2016, we offer the following three tailor-made courses to help you make the most of the Easter holiday.


Writer’s Workshop

Targeted at boosting students' creative writing skills, this course is relevant to future studies in English language including the IGCSE, IB and DSE. Students will practice the writing of informative, analytical, descriptive and persuasive genres through various fun activities.


Junior Fun Math

This course aims at stimulating students’ interest in mathematics through hands-on and engaging activities while learning key mathematical concepts. Students will see how math is used in real life and how fun learning math can be!


Chinese A: Reading and Writing

Suitable for students who speak Chinese as their 1st language, this course aims at strengthening their language foundation especially the skills to excel in reading and writing. Students will also be equipped with the strategies to succeed in IB and IGCSE.


Seats are limited. To secure yours, call us at 2577 7844 (Main Campus) or 2718 3000 (Kowloon Campus) to speak with our Customer Relationship Officers NOW!