NTK Academic Group Awards Scholarships to 28 High Scoring IB Diploma Students

For many students studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), which is widely recognised for its rigorous and challenging coursework, achieving the perfect IBDP score of 45 can seem like a distant dream.

Of the 2,284 Hong Kong students that sat the IBDP exam in 2019,  34  were awarded the full  45 points, of which, almost half are students taking tutorial lessons offered by the NTK Academic Group — a pioneering academic tuition centre which specialises in providing tuition for students following international and local curricula. NTK also offers standardised test preparation and educational planning and consultation services.

"This year’s impressive high-scoring results highlight NTK's on-going commitment and success in helping students to excel in the IB curriculum," says Mr. Ng Teng Keat, founder and director of NTK Academic Group. To celebrate and reward NTK high-scoring students’ dedication to achieving outstanding academic results, Mr. Ng has created an IBDP scholarship scheme, which he established in memory of his father, whom he credits for instilling him with a childhood love of learning.

At a recent presentation ceremony, scholarships were awarded to 28 NTK IBDP students who scored between 43 and the maximum 45 IBDP points. "We want to inspire families by supporting parents and their children with their goals to achieve academic success," says Mr. Ng who believes the "wow" factor set by NTK's high achieving students can serve as a positive example to parents and their children of what it takes to achieve academic success. "We want them to know that it is not easy, but it is achievable," stresses Mr. Ng. Importantly, Mr. Ng explains there is a misconception that tutoring is only for weak and indolent students. Instead, citing a comparison with Olympic athletes who rely on coaching and training to keep them at the top of their game, Mr. Ng says tutoring is for hardworking students who want to master their skills to stay on top and realise their highest potential. 

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Cherie, NTK Vice Principal and Head of English and Humanities says there is every reason to be excited about presenting the scholarship awards to NTK's students. "We are so proud of our high scorers’ achievements and feel privileged to be a part of it," says Ms. Cherie.

When a number of Sha Tin College students were asked about the secret to achieving maximum IBDP scores, they credited time management skills, hard work, and the tutoring they received at NTK.  In particular, the students appreciated the value of the intensive exam drilling sessions, which they agreed were more demanding than the actual exams.  For example, unsure of her abilities and potential, Sha Tin College student Carliss Ling, who took chemistry, Chinese and English literature courses at NTK, credits the teaching model with giving her the reassurance and confidence to prepare for the IBDP final exams.  "The mock papers cover a wide variety of questions, which was a wonderful way to prepare for the exams," says Ling who scored a perfect 45 IBDP points and has been accepted to study business and law at The University of Hong Kong.

Sha Tin College and NTK student Yann Chan, who also scored the full 45 IBDP points, explains how the teachers at NTK are patient and helpful. “If there was something I was not sure about, they really took the time and effort to explain it to me in a coherent manner,” says Chan. Fellow Sha Tin college and NTK student Jonathan Zein who scored 44/45 points on his IBDP exam agrees. "The math and chemistry teachers are particularly helpful at breaking down hard concepts," notes Zein. "They find creative ways to facilitate understanding," he adds. 

Established in 1996, with a main campus in Causeway Bay and a campus in Kowloon City, one of NTK's key differentials is its faculty of about a hundred full-time teachers, who in addition to their top-ranked academic qualifications, are hired based on their commitment and passion for teaching. Always looking for new ways to enhance its academic offerings, NTK has developed its own teacher training strategies designed to enrich teachers' mastery of their subjects.  In addition, NTK teachers also receive specialised training from official IB examiners. Furthermore, similar to coaching techniques, teachers are encouraged to develop their own teaching style designed to adapt to the needs of the individual student rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Another key NTK strength is its on-site publishing house which develops IB study guides and mock exam papers based on the IB syllabi and previous exams. “Our tutors create relevant and targeted materials in-house so that students can achieve excellent grades, even within a relatively short time period,” says Mr. Ng who also points out that IB topics are constantly monitored to ensure that learning materials and teaching practices match students' needs. Endorsing NTK's teaching practices, Mr. Ng notes that student feedback indicate that NTK's comprehensive topic and exam formats provide them with a wide scope of study opportunities, which help to identify strengths and weaknesses, an important factor when the goal is achieving high IB scores. Mr. Ng also notes that NTK students comment because of NTK’s small and interactive classes, tailored approach and engaging teachers who come from a range of diverse high-standard academic backgrounds, one lesson at NTK can be equivalent to three lessons at their regular school. 

Meanwhile, Gary Chan, Head Principal of NTK (Hong Kong and Kowloon Campus) explains that, no matter if a student is upgrading to IBDP from the IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education  (IGCSE), to successfully navigate the IBDP study journey it is important that students adopt a new learning perspective. "With a critical thinking mindset and exam-ready skills, students will still encounter challenges, but they will be better prepared to overcome them," notes Chan.

To help students understand the inquiry-based IBDP programme so they can complete projects and exams at both a factual and conceptual level, Elton Chau, Principal at NTK's Kowloon campus says NTK teachers inspire students to enjoy the subjects they are learning. "NTK teachers act as mentors to guide students in the right direction especially theoretical thinking skills needed for the 21st century, the relevance of what they are learning, and how it applies to real life," says Chau. 

Looking ahead, with the IGCSE,  General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCEAL) and International A-level (IAL) exam result announcements imminent, NTK will present scholarships to top scorers at the end of August at an IGCSE, GCEAL and IAL Top Scorers’ Sharing event.

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