I/GCSE Mock Boosting Courses

I/GCSE first year students have been doing mini-mock practices since the beginning of term, and they will face their first mock exams in December to gauge their progress and readiness for sitting their first public examinations, probably, in life, as soon as May 2022.

Many decisions will be made based on this and coming Mock exams, namely, these exams will determine if a student will continue to achieve a Double or Triple Award in Science, to take on English Literature next year, or to prepare for a Bilingual IBDP in two years.  Although I/GCSE predicted and final scores play a minimal role in most University applications, the subject choices in the final 2 years of high school play the pivotal role in the programmes that the student can be admitted to; and these choices are being influenced right at the beginning of the I/GCSE years.

Act now, and get fully prepared for the first and most important Mock Exams!

  • Gain a thorough understanding of foundational topics

  • Practise and sharpen answering skills

  • Develop test-taking confidence


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