Consolidation & Preparation Course

Consolidation & Preparation Courses are designed for students who have been affected by the school suspension period. Our 6-week courses are tailor-made to help students make up for lost time and catch up on their progress.

  • Review materials learned in this school year
  • Have a preview of upcoming topics, enabling students to effectively grasp important concepts
  • Get a better understanding of the curriculum changes and learn techniques to fulfil the assessment criteria e.g. IOA, exam papers 


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Why Choose NTK

  • NTK has over 92 full-time teachers, including qualified IB examiners

  • Attend official IB workshop regularly

  • Familiar with IB Exam marking scheme

Top Scorers

  • 2019 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 16
    From Other Schools 18
  • 2018 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 13
    From Other Schools 29
  • 2017 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 8
    From Other Schools 15
  • 2016 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 5
    From Other Schools 13