Why Choose NTK

  • NTK has over 92 full-time teachers, including qualified IB examiners

  • Attend official IB workshop regularly

  • Familiar with IB Exam marking scheme


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Top Scorers

  • 2019 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 16
    From Other Schools 18
  • 2018 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 13
    From Other Schools 29
  • 2017 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 8
    From Other Schools 15
  • 2016 Full Scorers in HK
    From NTK 5
    From Other Schools 13

What Our Students Say


  • My son had a FANTASTIC hour with the new history teacher today. He said he is the best tutor he has ever come across (not to say that the others aren't great too). He said the teacher is just amazing. He was knowledgeable, precise, detailed, organized and structured — and most of all, he knew what he was teaching.

    My son said he would like to have lessons with him every day (which his mom has already booked, clever!)

    He really enjoyed his session with Mr. E. and it really made his day — not to mention mine too!

    -- J. W. (IBMYP History)

  • E. Y. (IBDP Math)

    I got a perfect mark in my last Math test. I had never achieved such a high mark before. It's all thanks to my teacher!

    -- E. Y. (IBDP Math)

  • Ernest (SAT Chemistry)

    I just want to tell you that I got into Rice University! I don’t think this could have happened without your help. Thank you for my SAT chemistry class. It really helped my application. Now all I have to do is focus on my grades with a relaxed attitude. Thank you.

    --Ernest (SAT Chemistry)

  • Ken Chan

    I have now become very successful in Australia, and I will never forget those who helped me along the way. I would very much like to thank all the teachers who taught me before. When I was under a lot of pressure, NTK was like a second home to me because teachers there were always so understanding whilst being totally professional as well.

    -- P. C. (Admission Consulting)