Core Courses

Causeway Bay Campus 

Language Arts

The Language Arts course is designed to provide holistic learning to students using English and multiple areas of knowledge. English, mathematics, humanities, art and the sciences are all taught through dynamic and engaging hands-on experiences involving both individual and group activities. Language Arts follows modern international primary school teaching practice by making holistic education and student engagement the core of its delivery. In this way, students will enhance their reasoning, problem solving and creative expression. 

Regular/Fall core courses

Analysis & Commentary Writing

Students are exposed to a wide range of texts or literature (fiction and non-fiction) from around the world, guided comprehension and analysis questions and discussions. Every lesson is followed by a guided written response. Key vocabulary, linguistics and literary analysis concepts are presented, discussed and practised. Students will develop general reading skills, language analysis and literary analysis skills applicable to IGCSE and IB. 

Regular/Fall core courses

Critical Thinking & Vocabulary

Students are exposed to critical global issues and contemporary developments through graded texts, guided discussions, and intensive speaking activities. Key vocabulary is introduced in context and strategically recycled and studied from a range of perspectives, to ensure students gain a deeper understanding of both the new words and the social and cultural issues explored in class. 

Regular/Fall core courses-Critical Thinking & Vocabulary

Writer’s Workshop

Courses are designed for students who wish to improve their written communication skills in a variety of writing formats. Students will be given a sample of a text type/format, and then receive tailored instruction and feedback on how to produce a high quality piece of writing of their own. Students will study and practise informative, analytical, descriptive, persuasive and creative writing skills.

Regular/Fall core courses-Writer’s Workshop

Public Speaking & Debate

This course is aimed at students with a keen interest in developing and honing abilities in public speaking and debate. Students practise a varied skills set on a range of themes, topics and motions, learning different structural, rhetorical and delivery techniques to present more effective addresses and argumentative turns with greater confidence, clarity and efficacy.

Regular/Fall core courses-Public Speaking & Debate

Vocabulary & Phrases for Writing

This is a new course that aims to build students’ confidence and creativity when dealing with diverse writing tasks. Students write texts for different contexts, audiences and purposes with relevant content and adequate supporting details. Using suitable tone, style and register and the salient features of
different genres, students plan and produce coherent and structured texts with ideas effectively presented and developed.

Regular/Fall core courses-Vocabulary & Phrases for Writing

Core Mathematics

Mathematics Scholars Programme 

The Mathematics Scholars programme follows the new junior math curriculum specifically designed forstudents following an international school curriculum. Completion of this programme will give students a solid foundation to various onward study paths, such as future studies in mathematics in the US or UK and the IB curriculum. Students will also be prepared for entrance exams such as the SSAT and CEE through these courses. 

Regular/Fall core courses-Maths

Core Chinese A 

This course is suitable for students who speak Chinese as their first language. Students will be trained in both academic and creative writing, relevant to future studies in Chinese Language, including IGCSE and IB. The aim of this course is to strengthen students’ language foundation and equip them with skills to succeed in reading and writing. At the end of the course, students will have enhanced their communication and comprehension skills, as well as increased writing proficiency and lexical awareness. 

Regular/Fall core courses-Chinese

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