2020 Spring Courses

Easter Courses

Super Intensive Courses

Super Intensive courses are specially designed as students’ final preparations for examinations in May/June 2020. 

  • Review and discussion of exam format, timing, and strategy
  • Consolidate each subject's concepts in a systematic way
  • Identify students' knowledge or skill gaps requiring extra attention


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Super Intensive Elite 

Super Intensive Elite courses are exclusively designed for high achievers who have a predicted grade of 6 or 7, or receive a special recommendation from their teachers. 

  • Review official IB examiners' reports, and analyse exam question types
  • Cover specific techniques for boosting marks in each criterion, and enforce successful exam strategies
  • Drilling papers closely follow official exam trends

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Last Minute Camp

In our Last Minute Camp, students will go through selected topics chosen by our subject specialists. This camp is essential for those who want a last-minute boost to what they've learned in our Super Intensive Courses.

  • Review only key points in the syllabus identified by our specialists
  • Apply skills and knowledge through intensive past-paper drilling
  • Detailed question analysis to understand how to advoide common mistakes

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Exam Drilling

In our Exam Drilling Courses, students will complete a mock paper which has been carefully designed to closely resemble the questions and format of the official exam. Students will be able to apply their test-taking strategies and confirm their time management.

  • Drilling papers closely follow official exam trends

  • All papers conducted under simulated exam conditions

  • Performance reports to highlight weaknesses and target areas for improvement

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