At NTK, we realize that every student has unique educational needs and abilities. Therefore, choosing the right class at NTK is of vital importance.

To help with this process, NTK offers our own diagnostic tests (DT), which can tell students in great details about their strengths and weaknesses before they choose their class.

Our diagnostic tests are created in-house by our team of academic experts.

  • Diagnostic tests (DT) assess students’ knowledge of all key areas in their chosen subject, as well as testing their problem solving and critical reasoning skills.
  • NTK’s diagnostic tests are conducted under real-time exam conditions to ensure complete accuracy and fairness, while also preparing students for the testing conditions they will face later on.
  • Our diagnostic tests allow students to make informed choices when it comes to their lessons. Students should get the most out of their classes and feel confident that they are joining a class that matches their needs, abilities and aspirations.

NTK offers the following diagnostic tests:

Note: All charges for our diagnostic tests will be rebated upon registration for classes at NTK. (Terms and conditions apply.)

To register for a diagnostic test (DT), please call 2577 7844 (Hong Kong campus) / 2718 3000 (Kowloon campus) to speak to one of our Education Services Officers.