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About NTK Educational Consulting

With 25 years of experience in the admissions process, NTK provides consultation and academic planning to pave students' ways for admission to

  • US boarding school
  • International schools in Hong Kong 
  • US/ UK top universities

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Our Services

  • Provide admissions strategies for US/ UK universities, international schools in Hong Kong and US boarding schools
  • Consultation on university applications and course recommendations
  • Coaching on personal statements, college essays and interviews
  • Guidance on proper test preparation and exam drilling on IB, GCE, IAL, I/GCSE, AP®, SAT®, ACT® and other international curricula


Why NTK Educational Consulting?

Applicant Evaluation

Applicant Evaluation

As a leader in academic services in Hong Kong, our consultants explore the applicant's strengths and interests, and together, determine long- term goals and short- term objectives.

Planning Strategies

Planning Strategies

A combination of academic results and extra-curricular activities will strengthen a candidate's profile. With our expertise, we can help students gain a competitive edge and distinguish them from others.

Test / Exam Drilling

Access to high-quality academic tutoring

Since 1996, NTK has maintained its well- deserved title as the leading academic tutoring centre in Hong Kong, helping students excel in IB, GCE, IAL, I/GCSE, AP® and other international curricula. 

Demonstrate Competence

Competence coaching

Based on our understanding of admission requirements and trends, we assist applicants in crafting and polishing their personal statements/ essays and enhancing interview skills to showcase in their best attributes. 

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What Our Students Say


  • Mr. & Ms. M

    Our daughter Tiffany went through an intensive boarding school admissions process, only made possible by dedication of a group of mentors and experts from NTK Educational Consulting. Their tailor-made analytical work and counseling resulted in 6 top-listing US independent schools opening their doors to our daughter. Such success woundn't have been possible without NTK's aid. 

  • S.L.

    I just found out that I got accepted by Columbia's School Engineering! I would like to thank you for all your help and advice during my application process - thank you SO MUCH for the SAT classes, the feedback on my essay and encouragement and support! You have made my university application journey a lot smoother.

  • E.C.

    I want to say thank you for all your helkp with my personal essays. I believe they're one of the main things that led to acceptance to my dream university. Thank you for the support and for giving me extra time for multiple lessons. It was great taking lessons at NTK.



NTK is a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and subscribes to the Statement of Principles of Good Practice.