• English

    Starts July 3        1 week / module        4.5 hours of lecture + 1.5 hours of exercise        $2,340/week

    Courses are aligned to international school curricula and cover a comprehensive range of skills that will enable students to earn high marks on the IB, I/GCSE, SAT, ACT, SSAT, TOEFL and IELTS. Targeted teaching aims at strengthening students’ foundation and improving skills in English, including vocabulary range, constructing logical arguments, written communication and public speaking abilities.

  • Chinese

    Starts July 3        1 week / module        4.5 hours of lecture + 1.5 hours of exercise         $2,340/week

    Creative and interactive lessons with special emphasis on vocabulary and common mistakes. With tailored instruction and feedback from the teacher, students will have sufficient practice in idioms, proverbs and famous sayings, as well as acquire the skills necessary to complete varied assignments and succeed in reading and writing.

  • Maths Scholars

    Starts July 3        1 week / module        3 hours of lecture + 1.5 hours of exercise           $1,440/week (Beta) $1,560/week (Gamma)

    Students will explore topics and concepts in mathematics through interactive lessons and activities. Completion of this programme will give students a solid foundation to various onward study paths, such as future studies in mathematics in the I/GCSE and IB curriculum. Students will be able to continue moving up the maths scholars programme in the coming academic year.

  • Introduction to Latin, Spanish and FrenchScholars

    Starts July 3        2 weeks / module        9 hours of lecture            $1,800/week 

    Our introductory courses are designed to help students learn the basic structures of a new language, including grammar, oral skills, pronunciation and key vocabulary. Upon completion, students will have acquired basic communication skill sets plus greater understanding on cultural knowledge.

  • Jr. Engineer: Build Your Own Sloar Car

    Starts July 3        2 weeks / camp        8 hours of lab + lecture          $4,160/camp

    A fun and interactive science lab camp which aims to unlock students' potential and interest in engineering. Through lectures, group discussions, lab testing and report compilation, students will gain practical knowledge in product design and testing, as well as enhance their ability in project management. Students will also learn lab report writing, building techniques and skills crucial for exam success.

  • The Wright Brothers Lab: Aerospace Engineering

    Starts July 3        2 weeks / camp        8 hours of lab + lecture          $4,160/camp

    Through hands-on experiments, students gain an understanding of the mechanics of aeronautical engineering and explore scientific principles. This interactive module will focus on aeronautical design, scientific calculation and project management, which lays a strong science foundation for students to study more advanced topics in the I/GCSE and IB curriculum.

Course Schedule 

G3 -6 / Y4 -7 

Core courses

G6 -10 / Y7 - 11 

Core Courses

Private Lessons and Camps are also available. Please call 2577 7844 (Main campus) / 2718 3000 (Kowloon campus) or click here to summit an online enquiry form for more details.